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At the Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union we have undertaken a vigorous wait reduction program. That isn't a misspelling, our program isn't for the health of our staff, it is for your peace of mind. Everyone is so busy, we don't think you should spend too much time taking care of your business with us. More

Drive some great financing for a new (to you) vehicle
Simplify your life while saving money on automobile financing at the Dover Phila Federal Credit Union. With the "member advantage" you can say goodbye to complicated financing formulas. Our loans are based on you, not the vehicle.

Most banks start at 12% for '95 and '96 model years. Our rate is 8.49%APR and just 5.49%APR for new cars, using simple interest, so there's never hidden charges at the end of the term. And with pre-approval, car buying can be done with confidence and clout. Stop by today at any one of our three locations of the Dover Phila Federal Credit Union. More

Take advantage of the equity in your home
Statistics have shown that you've made the right decision to buy your home. It's led to major equity growth for you, especially compared to other investments. The Dover Phila Federal Credit Union can help you put that equity to work, when you need it, through our Home Equity Loan product!

Not only is it convenient but it's available for use anytime, for any reason, just by writing a check and the interest may be tax deductible. With great interest rates and flexible terms you'll like the "member advantage" that Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union gives you! More

Members can sign up for our Visa Card. Our cards are free of high interest rates, annual fees, cash advance fees and many of the other hassles and hidden charges that come with many of the other cards out there. More

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