Video Piggy – The Number One FLV Video Converter

I as of late went over an issue that had me totally puzzled. I needed to download a little video from one of the enormous video sharing sites, think something contrary to YouTube and you’ll understand. The issue was that there was no right snap – save as choice so I Youtube Mp3 Converter just couldn’t sort out what to do. Some exploration lead me to find that the justification behind this is that the video design utilized by the greater part of the huge video sharing sites is something many refer to as FLV. Appears as though I expected to get a FLV Video Converter.

Presently the vast majority of you might be recognizable, as I was with old fashioned WMV, AVI or even mpg documents, yet what in blazes is a FLV record, and more significant how might I utilize one. First of all, indeed FLV represents Streak Video and, as you could figure, typically saw utilizing a blaze watcher is introduced as a module in most current programs like Web Wayfarer. Further exploration drove me to find that FLV documents can likewise contain H.264 video and HE-AAC sound transfers. The fundamental issue, nonetheless, with FLV is that it is basically still an exclusive configuration implying that its challenging to get players and codecs to utilize the FLV records. As of late, in any case, the organization has been made open, and correspondingly, more players are beginning to arise. Despite the fact that FLV is profoundly web-enhanced, giving extraordinary quality sound and video in a tiny impression, its absence of versatility has caused many individuals, yours genuinely included, a ton of issues. However, that is where an extraordinary little FLV video converter called Video Piggy comes in.

Video Piggy is fundamentally a downloader/video converter/player all wrapped into one easy to understand interface. It upholds an immense number of norms including AVI, mp3, mp4, and, obviously FLV. It empowers you to download recordings from YouTube and set them on the right track onto your PC. The FLV video converter capability likewise permits you to switch the recordings over completely to AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV and 3GP video arrangements to empower you to play them back on gadgets like iPods, PSP’s and, surprisingly, cell phones. It can likewise allow you to remove the soundtrack or even implant the recordings straightforwardly into a Powerpoint show – flexible for sure.…